Our Biggest Shareholder

CFCG, the biggest shareholder of Stirling Coleman is engaged in financial and advisory services as well as education operations in China and abroad. 

Our Biggest Shareholder

  • China First Capital Group Limited is listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 1269), and is a constituent of multiple series of indices.
  • CFCG through its subsidiaries, which collectively holds Type 1, 4, 6 and 9 Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (“SFC”) licenses, provides comprehensive financial services including securities dealing, corporate finance advisory, as well as fund and asset management services to its clients in China and abroad
  • Through M&A investments and cooperation with leading educational institutions, CFCG has successfully invested in multiple premium educational assets and has a pipeline of investment opportunities in the sector
  • CFCG is a constituent of the indices below, with effect from 31 May 2018:
    1. MSCI Global Standard Indexes;
    2. MSCI China All Shares Index;
    3. S&P Global BMI (USD)Index;
    4. S&P Global Mid Small Cap Index;
    5. FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan Index Series;
    6. BBG HKSE All
    7. Hang Seng Composite Index Series; and
    8. Hang Seng Stock Hong Kong Index Series

Key Corporate Facts


Ticker Code


HK SFC Licenses

c.HK$500 m

Asset Management AUM


Investments in education


Market Capitalisation

* As at 1 September 2019

CFCG holds multiple SFC licenses, including licenses type 1, 4, 6 and 9 which allow it to provide a diverse and holistic range of financial services to its clients.

China First Capital Group (SEHK:1269)
Capital Markets

First Capital
Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities and advising on securities (Type 1 and 4)
Corporate Finance

First Capital
International Finance
Granted SFC license for advising on corporate finance and providing advisory services on issues relating to “Takeovers Code”(Type 6)
Asset Mgment

First Capital
Asset Management
Granted SFC licenses for dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management(Type 1,4 and 9)
Fund Management

First Capital
A private M&A fund company focusing on investment in the education and finance industries

Stirling Coleman
Licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore to be IPO Issue Manager, Underwriter & Placement Agent, FA/IFA for listed companies in Singapore